Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Shampoo – Product Review

So having run out of my usual John Frieda shampoo, I decided to try out the shampoo version of my recent conditioner find, by Pantene, and I’m glad to report that it didn’t disappoint. It was also on offer at boots for £2 so I was very pleased!

What I’ll say about this brand is that for the price it delivers great results.  Especially comparing it to costlier brands such as John Frieda, Umberto Giannini, and OGX, which are my usual go-to brands.

I would class Pantene as as a bog standard supermarket purchase, but so far I’ve been impressed.  I shall keep with this version for a while and will let you know if/when the effects wear off.



Oh So Silky! – Pantene Volume & Body – Product Review.

So I’ve been using the same shampoo and conditioner since early pregnancy (John Frieda, Frizz-ease) thinking it was a miracle cure for my greasy hair but in hindsight it seems the hormones were more to blame for the grease-lessness I was suddenly experiencing!

Anyway, I’ve recently changed up my routine to include a pretty cheap conditioner.  It was almost an impulse buy, had it not been for the hasty check of reviews on my phone just to make sure I wasn’t buying a complete dud!

Behold Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body.  A steal at £3 for 400ml!

OK, so I’ve only used it for a few washes but first impressions are good. My hair is extremely silky and the smell lingers for quite a while, which I enjoy and find particularly important in a hair product. I wouldn’t say that it feels any thicker really, but the silk is enough to impress me.  After straightening I find that my hair looks much healthier and it has a lovely movement to it when I swish my hands through it.

Time will tell if this lovely conditioner will coat my hair and turn it in to a sticky mess. I really hope it doesn’t though as the price and smell please me!