Parenting…the stuff you need!

We live in a small house, so we can’t afford to fill it with useless toot!

In terms of baby gadgets, we pretty much bought what we needed as and when we required it.

So here’s the stuff I couldn’t live without…as well as the stuff I should have thought twice about.

Baby carrier!

After copious hours of research, I settled on the Ergobaby Adapt.  I bought it on eBay for half the price of that in the shops. WIN!!…This has been my no.1 purchase.

I cannot begin to describe what it was like when I first put this thing on! I was lucky that Phoebe took to it straightaway, and fell asleep for a 4 hour nap!

For the first time I found myself with two free hands. I was able to do washing up, tidy upstairs, wipe down all the surfaces, and even put on some washing.

The only drawback is I have to be careful about how long I wear it due to the pressure it puts on my C-section scar.

U-shaped breastfeeding pillow.

It’s just a cheap £10 one from amazon. I bought it after getting backache from several weeks of breastfeeding on the sofa.  It made feeding at the beginning much easier on me and also aided in feeding at night time when I was trying to deal with not only being sleep-deprived but also master the angle of feeding the baby from my bedside.

As time went on though I tended to use this less and less as a pillow and more as a mini seat for Phoebe on the sofa. I still use it now at 14 weeks. We cover it in a blanket, mostly to act as a barrier between baby and sofa (and to catch poop stains from any unexpected explosive nappies!).

Here’s Phoebe enjoying a spot of olympics on tv from the comfort of her pillow!


Baby bjorn bouncer.

This had been gathering dust in our cupboard, but only because it was a purchase I made a year ago when we were about to have Thomas.  Back then, I’d done a lot of research (surprise surprise!) on all of the different bouncers and settled on this one, mainly due to the durability and potential longevity of use. Again, because I can’t stand paying through the nose for things I scoured classified websites and managed to get this for £5!!!! I kid you not! I don’t think the lady knew the value in what she was selling really.  I offered her £15 if she’d post it, which she accepted.  I did spend another £5 on some black dylon dye to refresh it a bit but it looks brand new now, and definitely beats the £120+ price tag in John Lewis!

Phoebe is a little less enamoured with the bouncer, but it has proved it’s worth on the occasions when she won’t let me put her down but I need to get on in the kitchen…I put her in the bouncer so she can watch me crafting dinner.  The only expense is Phoebe’s poor eyes when I’m cutting onions….oops!

Here’s a photo – excuse the hat! That was Daddy trying to make Phoebe look like a rapper during one of our evening music sessions.


Bibs that do up at the side.

This one I learnt very early on. We got so many pretty bibs from people as gifts, and at the time I thought how lovely they all were…but as soon as I went to put them on I realised something. They’re a pain in the bum to put on when you have to get a press stud done up at the back of a baby’s flailing head! This is when I vowed never to buy any more bibs that don’t do up at the side, which you can just lasso around the head and then do up at your leisure with both free hands while the baby is still lying down. GENIUS!

Image result for baby side bib

It’s at this point that I must point out that after stressing out about trying to squeeze my tiny baby in to mini outfits, I dress Phoebe for comfort, not looks! So none of those bibs that look like bandanas here!

Unless we’re going to the in-law’s for Sunday lunch, Phoebe is permanently in baby grows.  I can’t be done with faffing around putting mini tights on, only to have to strip them off of her again in 20 mins due to a poop explosion.  I also have no time for any garment that has to be done up from the back.

I like a simple baby grow. Saves on the screaming from both Phoebe and me!


This is an easy one.  If you think 10 is enough then think again! We’ve got about 30 of these things. Get big squares. You don’t have to pay a fortune for them. We got a few pretty ones as gifts, but we bumped up the number with a couple of £6 packs from Sainsburys.

A muslin may as well be permanently attached to Phoebe. Wherever she goes, a muslin goes too. Literally!! Even if I’m just walking up the stairs with her, I take a muslin with me.

Obviously this may be less of a necessity if your baby is puke-free…but Phoebe spits up a lot, and at the most inopportune moments. She likes to catch me off-guard, so I more or less have one of these super-glued to my person at all times.




Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Shampoo – Product Review

So having run out of my usual John Frieda shampoo, I decided to try out the shampoo version of my recent conditioner find, by Pantene, and I’m glad to report that it didn’t disappoint. It was also on offer at boots for £2 so I was very pleased!

What I’ll say about this brand is that for the price it delivers great results.  Especially comparing it to costlier brands such as John Frieda, Umberto Giannini, and OGX, which are my usual go-to brands.

I would class Pantene as as a bog standard supermarket purchase, but so far I’ve been impressed.  I shall keep with this version for a while and will let you know if/when the effects wear off.


Oh So Silky! – Pantene Volume & Body – Product Review.

So I’ve been using the same shampoo and conditioner since early pregnancy (John Frieda, Frizz-ease) thinking it was a miracle cure for my greasy hair but in hindsight it seems the hormones were more to blame for the grease-lessness I was suddenly experiencing!

Anyway, I’ve recently changed up my routine to include a pretty cheap conditioner.  It was almost an impulse buy, had it not been for the hasty check of reviews on my phone just to make sure I wasn’t buying a complete dud!

Behold Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body.  A steal at £3 for 400ml!

OK, so I’ve only used it for a few washes but first impressions are good. My hair is extremely silky and the smell lingers for quite a while, which I enjoy and find particularly important in a hair product. I wouldn’t say that it feels any thicker really, but the silk is enough to impress me.  After straightening I find that my hair looks much healthier and it has a lovely movement to it when I swish my hands through it.

Time will tell if this lovely conditioner will coat my hair and turn it in to a sticky mess. I really hope it doesn’t though as the price and smell please me!